Prediction Errors

Exactly four years ago, with a 1% margin of error, I was arrested during a shift at the Freeman Hospital. Just prior to that point in time, I had worked 62 of the 65 hours I was scheduled to that week. But where fatigue should have been, excitement lay. Excitement for the St. Patricks day … Continue reading Prediction Errors

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve noticed I get asked similar questions by people upon meeting them for the first time since release from prison. Sometimes, given that my experiences are quite unique, I feel I must be giving vaguely interesting answers, and that I should note these down whilst fresh for posterity. Also I assume that if people are … Continue reading Frequently Asked Questions

How to lockdown a prison with no locks.

I would frequently remark to people that, barring disaster, I should finish my MSc in September and be released from prison shortly after, my goals achieved and ready to pursue the life not lived in the past two years. But the qualifier, the global disaster, did of course happen, though uniquely this time I had … Continue reading How to lockdown a prison with no locks.

Stethoscope for sale – one previous owner

Stethoscope For Sale, One Previous Owner.  As you may now know, the inevitable has occurred, and I have been 'erased' from the medical register. In spite of this outcome, I do feel a pleasing sense of closure; there is a relief that the nightmare of fitness to practise proceedings are over, and out of this … Continue reading Stethoscope for sale – one previous owner